We need one another

we need one another

Nothing that God makes is whole in itself; everything is a part. Everything God created requires a connection. We are all connected to one another in a way too fundamental to be explained in a single sentence. The mouth need words; the eyes need view;... Read More

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Undefined love

dear elsians

Dear Elsians, I am in a fix right now and I really need help in making a decision. I was dating a guy whom I love(d) so much, after almost a year he left me to be with another lady. During the time he was with her, I still let him keep having sex with... Read More

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BlueBlooded Tweeps

I have been on twitter for almost four years now and I have my rules.Its not just twitter, its my account. My MB (Data) and my gadget. If you don’t like my tweets you can commit suicide for all I care. I don’t follow people that have below... Read More

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All I See

all i see

You are wrong, I am rightI’m No, imbecileYou are wrong, I am rightNo, criminalNo files….I can do it better, you are cluelessHow else can you achieve this differently?I don’t know but I can do it betterClueless we all areAs we can... Read More

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Loose Vagina

Dear Elsians,I need serious help and I’m wondering if readers can help me. I’m not a bad girl, I’m just a good girl in a serious bad situation. I had this boyfriend when I was still in school. The first day we had sex was like I was... Read More

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