All I See

all i see

You are wrong, I am rightI’m No, imbecileYou are wrong, I am rightNo, criminalNo files….I can do it better, you are cluelessHow else can you achieve this differently?I don’t know but I can do it betterClueless we all areAs we can seeLets Create ConfusionThey can’t do anythingHit them hard where it hurtsThey have no strategyThat’s the strength in synergyThe road seems wide and smoothNarrowing tooGuns and ammunitionBy hook or crookThat’s the way to seePower driven purpose lostGreed strickenFloating in corruptionIts our right, its my rightNational cake, All I seeDoom I sellDrowning in this confusionGnashing teeth in regretBuried in corruptionCoffin decorated with liesAll I see

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