In the Being of You

in the being of you - art - elsieisy blog

You are a puzzle. Silhouette black, a jigsaw. You are something ebbing from your being, you have built those China walls; to keep you. You are frustration wrapped in confusion. Frustrated at – you. You have allowed life take its toll on you. You... Read More

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The minds Battles

The minds Battles - art - elsieisy blog

Success – a word too narrow to define’ With God’s own Love and divine We pinpoint and chastise our viewpoint to different angles. Our mind, our greatest enemy. Thoughts provoked and chained to your ankles. Welcome to the block! Your... Read More

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Benefits of Red Wine

red wine

I used to detest red wine due to its taste. I never really liked its sour kinda taste until an elderly friend told me it’s healthier to have red wine than white wine. He did not stop at sharing that information with me, he sent me a cartoon of red... Read More

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