Transcending Definitions

Transcending Definitions - elsieisy blog

By Scott Thomas Outlar Art is not an institution… it is an inner fire born out of those whose eyes pierce deeply into hidden burning beauty. Art is not a class taught by Academia… it is a holy vibration pulsing through the veins of those who sense... Read More

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Our identity - elsieisy blog

Ever woken up one day and feel completely like shit? Feel like your life is headed nowhere? Like an utter, complete failure? Like you have no direction? Perhaps this happens almost every day. Believe me, you are not alone. A lot of people, including... Read More

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woman bomb knocked out

WRITTEN BY NZEH UCHE How will a person grade success? What type of job is a successful one? Well, I am an engineer and I think a genius too. I have always wanted to lead an organised group of people that would be under my command, but now it seems like... Read More

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Betwixt- 2

Betwixt - elsieisy blog

By Nneka Ezealor Click HERE for the previous episode of BETWIXT Salma came back on Sunday night and he was happy to see her. She was like a mother hen, and fussed for him like he was a baby. She worried that he didn’t look like he had been feeding... Read More

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