Egoistic Sorry

Egoistic Sorry - elsieisy blog

by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere Its so sad the sand castles by the seaside Will eventually get washed away by the tide Its a pity,every promise I made silently died Heartaching that every honesty I had , I got bribed I built you an empire I built you a... Read More

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elsieisy blog

By  Richard Anietie I am a woman My beauty they say triggers the brain My love intoxicates like marijuana grains My words travels to the heart like train This was me before i met my dear friend His deceptive tone i may not resist His convincing... Read More

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Cry Whenever You Can

Cry Whenever You Can - elsieisy blog

“Women cry too much. Real men don’t cry” This narrative we live by. It has indeed made so many suppress their emotions. Man wey better cry dey hungry no go gree cry. He’d keep looking up like Jesus is giving him signs from... Read More

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