#WorldPoetryDay - Let My Mind Wander

BY SANJEEV SETHI (1)   If everyone were a nurse there would be no grume. (2)   When you love excessively, you imagine everyone is in love with them. (3)   Like an apothecary inquiring: How are you?   (4)   Lashings of asperity prod to... Read More

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Concrete Horror

Concrete Horror - elsieisy blog

By Sunil Sharma Rain drops sliding off the telephone lines power cables dish antennae big crystals dropping from grey skies of the Asian space the cluttered skyline most of the year—invisible.   The pigeons and sparrows hiding from the... Read More

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QUINARIES - elsieisy blog

By SANJEEV SETHI (1) Don’t define me by one itch, there are other appearances. It can be contained, made to subside with a willing source. Don’t let this spill on other manifestos. (2) Worsted and word-smitten we’re poets, if we don’t seek... Read More

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