Desire - elsieisy blog

BY NZEH UCHE When I close my eyes to see the “she” of my desires, the unique beauty is never hiding Beauty that knocks out deepest distractions, enough to keep a man stumm till her departure   Sticking around to be locked away with her, in a... Read More

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Searching for the Keys

Searching for the Keys - elsieisy blog

By Scott Thomas Outlar You emit a powerful magnetic charge toward which I am drawn without fully being able to explain how or why, and I can’t be sure where the pull is taking me but I know I like it; my hands are off the wheel, up in the air, as... Read More

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Today’s Virginity

Today's Virginity - elsieisy blog

By  Zobba Zanne Zeuss In the days of our forefathers, a female virginity signifies purity. Agree or not such practices where a groom presents a blood stained sheet to his kinsmen and wife’s family as a sign that his new bride was a virgin is... Read More

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