BlueBlooded Tweeps

I have been on twitter for almost four years now and I have my rules.Its not just twitter, its my account. My MB (Data) and my gadget. If you don’t like my tweets you can commit suicide for all I care.

I don’t follow people that have below 1000 followers. I can’t even reply such tweeps’ tweet @ me. What exactly would a low class tweep of such have to say to me?

I can’t ReTweet a tweet that isn’t from my friend circle or twitter clique.

I would rather copy and paste another tweeps tweet than retweet them.I can never ask for a follow back. That’s bringing me down.

I don’t follow back.I have to check your avatar to b sure you are handsome/beautiful before following.

I can’t be too polite on twitter or I would be taken for granted. I always have be rude, assertive and aggressive.

Don’t try play sarcasm with me. I will insult you while we fight it out.Tweet fights aren’t that big a deal. Insult me in the slightest of ways and I will give it back to you with 10 well fabricated insult tweets. I am bad like that. Ask around.

You don’t oppose my opinion. My opinion has to be the proffered solution: You are nobody to have an opinion.

I hate so many tweeps. How did they get this much followers. Now they act like twitter celebs.They don’t even follow back after all the “KFB”s I have been sending. Who do they think they are? Bitches! Hoes! Broke ass nig**z! Go get a life and bitches please go find a husband.

All female tweeps with beautiful avatars are Hoes (Whores)!Once your avatar background is beautiful then you are a hoe.

You don’t reply my DMs, You are a bitch!If you don’t have your picture on your avatar then you are obviously very ugly.

You don’t change your avatar regularly. Then that is the best picture of you.

I have to Photoshop my avatar before it goes up.My cleavage has to be present.

Sexual tweets, glorifing porn that I can’t even afford MB to download and supporting weed smoking even if I don’t know what it feels like… Guess this is the only way to get relevant on twitter.

Even if I see “PLS RT” boldly added to a tweet, I keep scrolling. “You didn’t pay for my data subscription.”

I can insult every celebrity whenever I like and they must not respond.

I am a twitter celeb, who are you?

If you have one or all of these mind-sets then you are a twitter FOOL.

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  1. Lmao! Dis just interpreted it point blank! People who do this are jus stuck up and clueless! They need to have their reality rechecked! Cos at d end of the day u go home with nothing!

  2. gheunz!!!!!!! the ones that beg for u to follow then end up unfollowing so they have more followers than following nkor? those ones r just d biggest FOOLS fa. nice post. lol

  3. LOOL… Well, some people will read this and feel like they are looking at a mirror. I hope they don’t go back to change. Its all part of the dynamics that makes the greatest social network ever fun.

  4. I Think I’m a Twitter-Fool. But then, classifying people and naming them makes you one of them too. The Irony.

    1. Lmaoooooo! Chai dis Elsie will not kill me! But ur ryt sha. D whole twitter tin is just annoying. Especially d ones dat insult celebs… I’m like can’t this low life’s grow a brain?

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