My Life

My Life - Elsie Godwin - Elsieisy blog

My life began with a skeleton with a smile and bubbling eyes in my garden of dandelions. Everything else fell off the edge, a jigsaw puzzle piece cut in half. When young, I pressed against my mother’s breast, but youthful memories fell... Read More

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Witchy Halloween

Inside this late October 31st night, this poem turns into a pumpkin. Animation, something has gone devilishly wrong with my imagery. I take the lid off the pumpkin’s head light the pink candles inside. Demons, cry, crawl, split,... Read More

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What a mirror I am?

by Ridwan Atolagbe A piece of a broken reflection Slaving under the unattractiveness of the sun What a halt to the insensitiveness of the mind? Drown in the sea of its own uncertain thoughts My look with an assertive pride What a... Read More

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