Seeds of Reconstruction

Kindness - poetry - elsieisy blog

Bees buzz and birds sing as wars rage and cities crumble but we’re sure to survive the wrath with royal jelly in our blood and a chain of thorns that bind the balance between order and chaos in this world Sun shines and spring blooms as genes... Read More

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Whispers In The Wind


The patient dog sickens by all sides Contouring pains in patience anticipating the Fattest bones. The circle is made of wind, invincible – By the way, time is framed between day and night The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months,... Read More

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Paragon Of Virtuous Music


do mi  do mi  do  la la re fa   re fa   re  so so   of the broken heart unlike the broken limbs demands for casts and crutches the healing rhythm requests channels flute and clarinet accompanied by the piano strings of the guitar into ears... Read More

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Forgive - Even When It Seems Impossible - elsieisy blog

What is the forgiveness which we proclaim? What hidden knowledge is still yet profane? What is it essence? Lingering questions drift from thoughts to thoughts Like a river stream drifting of course But ignorance holds us still Making us impious to the... Read More

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Old Town Nostalgia

old city nostalgia - ibadan - Terrakulture - elsieisy blog - poetry

I didn’t mention to you How so nostalgic I am About the cobblestone streets The smell of new clothes And hot crossed buns The familiar shops, many of which Have been there since I was a child The red Buses are still there The black cabs are still... Read More

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