Making Impossibilities Possible

impossibilities possible

No man knows by the present sign and situation what the future holds for him. If we must fit into God’s divine arrangement, we need to change our thinking, way of life, utterances and what we give our attention to. When you picture yourself, what do you see? When you look at your life, what do you see? What does Jesus see when He is looking at you? Do you see yourself the way Jesus sees you? Jesus Christ does not consult your past to determine your future. It does not matter what statistics say about you. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances seem to say or what others say about you. The direction of your life can begin to change today. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is alive and can change anyone, anytime, anywhere. To His power, nothing is impossible. How strange, yet wholly true, the weak filled with power the Father’s work shall do.

Moses said to the Lord, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.’ The Lord said to him, ‘who gave human beings their mouth? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.'” (Exodus 4:10-12). When God  is looking at you, He is looking at the one He created. I mean, He is seeing success, victory. God looked at Gideon and saw in him a mighty man of valour but Gideon said, “…My Clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family” (Judges 6:15). God looked at Jeremiah and saw in him a great prophet of nations. Jeremiah said, Lord, I do not know how to speak; I am only a child” (Jeremiah 1:6) When God called Moses in the burning Bush for the assignment of leading the people of Isreal out of Egypt, Moses at first, measured himself by himself. He expressed his own inadequacies and unfitness for the service, saying, “Lord, I am not eloquent” (Exodus 4:10). Moses tried hard to excuse himself because he lacked the power of oratory and boldness or charisma which are essential characters of great leaders. God knows that the greatest thing that scares a leader is the prospect of failure. The answer God gave to each of them was, ‘Go, don’t be afraid! My presence will make you fit for the assignment.’ Those whom God calls for any service, He makes for it. One lesson these great biblical characters learnt was not to rely on themselves but on God Almighty, who raises the dead. They put their trust on God’s ability in them and became pearls of usefulness. Our conduct and character must change to agree with God’s plan for our lives.

The Bible says that our conduct and character can not change until the Holy spirit gives birth in us to the picture of what He is looking at when He sees you.  If you say, ‘My family is poor, I am not educated , I am not eloquent’, stop measuring yourself by yourself because God often times chooses His messengers among those who have the least advantages of natural talent. If God had chosen works rather than grace, the battle would have been for the strongest or the race for the swiftest, leaving no room for the weak. God knows that we are weak, that is why he has chosen grace. The transforming promise Christ offers us is liberation; liberation received on the basis of faith is comfortable and everlasting. Jesus knows your problem. Your limitation, weakness and shortcoming . If you do not conquer your past, you do not conquer, your presence is in danger while your future is tarnished. What is challenging you? Is it fear? God delivered Peter and He can deliver you! Is it inferiority complex? God delivered Gideon and He can deliver you! Is it condemnation? God delivered Jephthah and He can deliver you! As it was yesterday, it is still today. Jesus has come to put an end to your past and give birth to your future. Jesus has come to be a radical transformation in our lives and release us into our divine destiny. How? With the right foundation. Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man. The substitionary  facts of Christ’s death put us right with God. Jesus did not die for himself. He died for us. Jesus Christ did not conquer and triumph over Satan for himself. He did it for us. Jesus did not shed His blood on the cross so that He could be near God; you are nigh (near) by the blood of the cross. We learnt to put on our Lord Jesus Christ as our righteousness in order to have free access to the father, the righteous source. When you have a right standing with God, you can come boldly to His presence with petitions and praises. If you have the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, His strength will become yours; His life becomes your life, His ability will become yours. Righteousness gives the ability to be set free from guilt, inferiority condemnation and fear. With His righteousness, He is with you, by your side, fighting for you; you cannot be conquered. This gift is for you today. All you need is to believe. Belief was inclusive of all the Apostles to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour. ‘Jesus said to His disciples, ‘He who believes in me, as the scriptures have said, these things I am doing, he will do also, greater work than these he will do’ (John 14:12). God requires our faith as a necessary condition to release his mighty power to heal, bless, deliver and comfort through you. When you learn to use the name Jesus according to the word in the power of the Holy Ghost, we have the secret which shook the world through the Apostles. As Jesus said to the father of the demon possessed boy in Mark 9:23, “…Everything is possible to him who believes”, believers are not restricted by space time or circumstances. They can do all things. You can make impossibilities possible by believing absolutely in the name of Jesus Christ. Faith does not ask for possible thing; it demands for the impossible. By faith we must fetch in grace and seek help from above to enable us to do that which we cannot do ourselves. I mean, God gives the grace that enables us, through faith to do that which we regard as impossible. If you focus on God, you are what God says you are. You can do what God says you can. By an act of faith, you begin to think not of your sins, shortcomings but of your righteousness in Christ Jesus. Therefore, reset your believe by keeping His word in your mouth, meditating on it day and night and doing what the word says. This is the way to make your impossibilities possible. TBJ. ..SCOAN. Subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks.

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