We need one another

we need one another

Nothing that God makes is whole in itself; everything is a part. Everything God created requires a connection. We are all connected to one another in a way too fundamental to be explained in a single sentence. The mouth need words; the eyes need view; the feet need to go places. Such is the relationship that exists among the created things of which man is one. Nobody wants to be on the outside.

Everybody desires to have a feel of belonging to a unified whole. Jesus Christ is the whole and the common centre of our unity. I need you just as you need me and together we need God. This will bring us to the message titled: “We need One Another” Proof text: 2Corithians 12:1-end.When I say “We need one another”, I mean that I am not complete without you and you are not complete without me.

We depend on others to succeed in our respective calling. No one succeeds alone. Jesus Christ knew this; that was why He has disciples. Mentors need mentees just as mentees need mentors. Teachers need students in the same way students need teachers. Medical doctors need patients just as patients need medical doctors. Elected leaders need the electorates in the same way the electorate need elected leaders.

We need one another irrespective of our profession, religion, race, family, ethnic, geographical or political backgrounds. Sinners need the saviour in order to be saves just as the Saviour needs the sinners to save them. No sinners, no need of a saviour. We need good inspired and informed people to make it in our respective callings. I am because you are just as you are because I am. You depend on me; I depend on you.

As children of God, our union with Christ is the basis of our unity with one another. How do we maintain our union with Him? We maintain our union with God when we keep uo the profession of our faith. As Christians, Our profession of faith when the goings are good says that Jesus is Lord and when the going are tough, it says, “Thank you Jesus”.

It is when the goings are tough that we begin to see ourselves in a bad light. We fail to realise that before a relationship comes to stay, it must have gone through thick and thin; it must have gone through many experience whether positive or negative.

Every relationship has a challenge. Our battles are similar only camouflaged differently. One may be battling with sickness, another may be battling with barrenness, while a third may be battling with intolerance which causes constant fighting.Challenges force us to look deep inward and come up with the result that no one knows us more than ourselves.Satan is our common enemy and the author of our problems. He does not want us to understand that we need one another. Satan is the one making people say, “that’s it, I can’t trust anyone again. I’ve tried people, they are not worth it, they just let me down. I want to isolate myself and live without anyone”.

Many today, reeling from hurt relationships and suffering from cruel words, hide themselves away; away from people who God sent and designed to be their prospective helpers. Many have rejected their prospective helpers because of their ability to see beyond the situations at hand. No one knows by the present sign what the future holds.If you reject one on account of weakness, you also reject his strength. If you know your friend’s weakness, help him instead of rejecting him. This is because a person who is a thorn in your flesh today may be your helper tomorrow. Don’t reject anyone on account of today because tomorrow is a mystery.

Why do we need one another? We need one another for our completeness and wholeness. The whole creation of the universe is based on this symbiotic essence.

In Exodus 31:1-11, 35:30-35, the Bible taught us that no one can go it all alone. That was why God empowered some craftsmen to assist Moses in taking care of the physical needs of the people of Isreal in the areas of furniture, jewellery, ornamentation and other necessities of life that they needed to live for God.

The craftsmen needed the products of the spiritual gifts of Moses for their effectiveness, just as Moses needed the products of their craftsmanship for his smooth leadership. 1 Luke 7:1-10, the Bible says that the centurion built the Synagogue where Jesus ministered and Jesus healed the Centurions’s servant.

Just as the way God has designed the working of human society, so He has planned the way different individuals can conrtibute to the well-being of their fellow brothers. This point is well illustrated by the African adage which says, “The left hand washes the right hand and the right hand washes the left hand”.

In Ecclesiastes 4:11, the Bible says that when two lie together, they are warm by the mutual sharing of their body heat. ‘Two are better of than one because together, they can work more effectively’.There is greater productivity in working together. There are additional advantages in companionship, for when one falls, the other can help him up and “A three-fold cord is not easily broken”. You who are spiritual when you see someone fall, do not rejoice: restore.

Whu do we have broken relationships, homes and unrest among people in the world today? Relationships break down today today because of failure to recognise the difference or uniqueness of the participants in the relationship. In Romans 15:1-3, the Bible stresses the need for us to always appreciate the fact that we are not all evenly gifted.

We set aside our difference to bring about cooperation among us, knowing that relationships are all about cooperation.

The strong should strengthen the weak with all their substance. Your strength might be in the area of money, while mine is in the area of divine knowledge; yet another’s may be in the area of wisdom, counselling, healing and craftsmanship. whichever area you are strong in, you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother. If it is your wisdom, money, comfort, knowledge or talent that is what is required to keep the relationship on course – sacrifice it.

Finally, there is no such thing as perfect people. Such people do not exist on planet earth. Perfection eludes all. Whether victims or perpetrators, accused or accusers, all of us stand in helpless need of God’s forgiveness. By His stripes, we are forgiven. When you fail to receive God’s forgiveness or to forgive those who sin against you, you would find yourself in a torture chamber. Our relationship with God depends, far more than we think, upon our adjustment to one another. So, to improve in your relationships learn to give people anothers chance. Let the past remain past. I mean don’t let your bad experiences wipe you out. Discover that we need one another and you will turn your scars into stars, in Jesus Name! ……TBJ #SCOAN

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