Unexpected Journey 1


Unexpected Journey

Lots of people have been judging me. They look at me with that condemning look in their eyes. If man was God I would have been dead by now or worse facing a brutal punishment. I decided to tell my story and maybe they’ll understand why I did what I did.

My name is Bukky and I’m 35 years old. I got married 5 years ago. When I was 30. For a girl you can see that I married late. All my mates were already with their second or third child when I got married. So I was desperate. Most of the guys coming weren’t talking about marriage and it was devastating.

Then I met Paul. Though I noticed something strange about him but since he wanted to marry me I became blind to it and till date I regret that.My husband was the proper gentleman. He never asked for sex until our wedding night. That night was the most horrible love making experience I have ever encountered. I did all I could but my husband couldn’t have an erection. After an hour of trying and my mouth was sour out of giving him blow job, he asked me if I could turn so he could make love through the back. I thought he meant doggy so I did, only to feel a sharp pain that made me jump up from the bed.

Then I realized that he had put his manhood in my anus. I thought he might have made a mistake and told him. He had this funny look on his face as he told me he had something to tell me. I moved closer to hear what he had to say and noticed my husband had a full erection. I’ve been struggling to do that for an hour and all he had to do was stick it in my anus and little Johnny was up. I was shocked and confused. I looked up to him for an explanation and all he said was that he loves making love through the anus, and that was the only way he could achieve an. erection. To say I was shocked was an understatement especially as he pleaded with me that I should allow him to. I wore my cloths and angrily stormed out of the room. I just didn’t understand it.

This is unheard of!!!

The door opened and he walked in. He held me and begged me reminding me that marriage was for better and worst. That marriage was partnership. He told me he’ll pleasure me in what ever way I wanted and give me anything I ask of. He was almost in tears. Though I wasn’t happy with the idea but I was already married. What could I have done? I agreed and he led me back to the room and I was subjected to serious pain as he made love to me through the anus. Only when he was erect and after some thrust will he turn me around and make love the usual way.

We continued that way for months. I wasn’t happy and I thought a baby will put the smile back on my face and after months I still wasn’t pregnant. I was worried. I talked to my husband about it but he kissed me on the forehead and said I worry too much.

Another thing that made me so worried was my husband keeping late nights. It was too early for him to be cheating so I wondered what it was. He said it was work but I didn’t believe him because he always comes back happy and he wouldn’t want to make love. Not that I was looking forward to it cause of the pains I had to go through but I needed to get pregnant and was ready to bear the pains for that purpose.

One day my mum fell ill and I was supposed to spend a week with her but after three days she was alright and I decided to head back home. I didn’t call my husband that I was coming home cause I knew he would want to talk me out of it. I left my parents place around 6 in the evening and got home past 7pm. I opened the door and walked right into our bedroom and saw my husband making love to a man. I screamed and fainted.

After what I witnessed I was never the same again. I wasn’t my usual loving funny self. My husband tried to make me understand but I just couldn’t. He said his people were concerned that he was yet to marry and that they were already suspecting his ways so he had to get married fast. He deceived me and I couldn’t forgive him for that.

I blamed myself too. I saw the signs but chose to be blinded by them. Now here I was paying the price. From that day I refused to even sleep in the same bed with him. Outside we acted like everything was fine. We put on a front like the perfect couple but we weren’t even close to the average couple. After three months I met Musa. He just moved into the compound we were staying in.

When I first saw him I couldn’t help but stare. I was mesmerized by his looks. I’ve never seen a guy as handsome as Musa. He caught me staring and waved. I was ashamed of myself that I couldn’t help but blush. Weeks went by and nothing happened apart from the look that passed between us and the hot thrill that I feel in my body whenever I feel his eyes on me. On my part I’m more sexy than I’m beautiful so I could understand that men still walked up to me even though I had a ring on my finger. Things took a sudden turn when my husband traveled for a week. We had problems with our light and I was unable to start the generator.

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  1. We had problems with our light and I was unable to start the generator…….., and then what happened? Did musa help you? Oya tell us 🙁

  2. Lol…this is super story and like most naija movies let me tell u how it will end….musa will hammer the babe, not once, twice, or thrice but many times. She will later get pregnant and then you will see the popular line that ends most home vids..”To God be the Glory”…prove me wrong elsie.

  3. Wow. There are actually real life issues like this,posing a threat to many marriages today,which need to be addressed,especially by our spiritual heads. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. Well done.

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