On JAPA and friendship

On JAPA and friendship - elsieisy blog

Sometime in December 2022, my friend and I were driving through Ajiran road in the Lekki area of Lagos state, when she pointed at a street where she spent her Christmas.  She told me about a yearly Christmas party she and her family members would... Read More

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Our Capacity to Vote

Keeping track of things weekly makes you realise how much time flies and how short life is. Today, I woke up to another Friday, with a choked schedule, a thankful heart, and a weekly piece deadline. In trying to figure out what my thoughts... Read More

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A People at Crossroads

The question of who to vote for as the 2023 general elections draw close is a personal decision as well as a collective one. Nigeria is at crossroads and the sum total of personal decisions will have consequences for all — good or bad. So... Read More

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