Not for sale?

not for sale

Not for sale? I read this blog post from @Areurmikun And I wondered if the writer has ever heard of the saying “enjoy it while it last”.

To understand what I’m about to say, I think you should click here to see her version.

“Within the view of materialism, our most obvious human potential is to be as self-fulfilled as possible (via the available materialistic means) while we are still alive. Fulfillment is in human (not Spiritual) terms: bodily pleasure and emotional contentment.”

I’m of the opinion that there’s always a price for everything, directly or indirectly. No love is unconditional except the love of God.From the writer’s angle, the woman is always a prey for the man, even without him spending some cash.

A woman’s heart is pure and soft, very easy to get in and dwell. Few men know this and have mastered the art of getting in it even without material things.

You can argue from now till doomsday that all women are not materialistic. Sweetheart, hate me or love me but the truth is all human are materialistic. That includes the female species as well.

The only thing that differs is the level of materialism, which is controlled by our ability to be contented with who we are, what we have and where we are at. When that contentment is lacking, greed sets in and you get to the point of being insatiable. Then, that’s the danger.

Then again being dissatisfied with your current state provides the avenue to reach for more, to evolve but that’s a topic for another day. Just remember, being too content and comfortable with your present level or position gives little or no room for the desire to be a better person.

Once you allow even a tiny little thought of this:

“So when most men approach a woman all they are processing in their minds is how much it will take to get this woman depending on their intentions. Most men I have come across believe every woman has a price tag and it’s just a matter of ‘Money for hand, back for ground’.”

dwell in your heart, you can’t ever be truly happy.

All you’ll see is the bad even in the ones with good intentions. You’ll suspect every move and judge all men with same mindset. This will keep you tied, stagnant and bitter within. A good approach if you’re considering being alone all your life.

Yes there are jerks that feel all they need to get a woman is money, but listen up. The good news is that it takes money to get any woman, but it takes more than money to get a woman of value. Throwing a few dollars at her won’t do the trick. You get a woman of value by possessing greater qualities. Share dreams with her and make her feel safe and secure to be able to finally decide you are the man for her.

A man has to be confident, loving, caring, supportive, courageous, humble, proud (yes, to an extent), firm, sensitive, morally sound, focused and have goals.

A man might be financially stable now but this material things come and go. A real man knows when and how to invest in order to sustain himself and his family even when it seems wearisome. And a woman of value knows when and how to support her man in times like this.

Ladies you need to understand that the only way to reach true happiness is the love of yourself.

Loving yourself helps you appreciate and understand you.It helps you define your personality and accept your person.

It helps you accept that you are human and can’t be perfect.

It helps you make the effort to grow in the area that needs improvement in your life.

It helps you determine to be happy and know that only you can make you happy.

It helps you define your goal and ambitions in life.

It helps you have a mission and vision.

When you love yourself, you would know how you want to be treated and understand that every decision you make should have you first in consideration because you will feel and face every consequences that comes from your decision.

Above all, it helps you create your standard and know what kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

All I’m saying is:Dear ladies, seeing all men as the hunters and you the prey reduces your self-esteem by 99.9%.

Don’t judge Mr. A by Mr. B’s attitude.

Mr. Y might feel women are to be acquired as personal property and used to his satisfaction while Mr. Z understands that women needs to be loved and adored and have more financial projections when it comes to keeping up with day to day living, hence the reason he spends his money on you.

Listen to them. Get into their head. Don’t assume. Talk. Ask question. See Mr. C for who he is and not for who Mr. K was. Love yourself. Have fun and enjoy it while it lasts.

Not every man you come across would end up being your husband. You can end up being good friends, do business together, or meet good people through him that will help you reach some of your life’s goals.

So please do not limit yourself by having a bad mindset about every man around you. (The same goes for guys towards ladies)

But there’s a price.

Enough said, I have dropped my pen!

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery – Spike Milligan

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