Hunter’s Game S2 – 4

Hunters game - by Ogechi Nwobia on ELSiEiSY blog

click HERE to catch up Chief Ubong sat still in his chair, his heart rate slowing down so much, it almost stopped. He stared at Ijeoma for a few seconds, as though trying to ascertain if she was indeed real. He did not know when the tears came to his... Read More

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Forgive - Even When It Seems Impossible - elsieisy blog

What is the forgiveness which we proclaim? What hidden knowledge is still yet profane? What is it essence? Lingering questions drift from thoughts to thoughts Like a river stream drifting of course But ignorance holds us still Making us impious to the... Read More

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Old Town Nostalgia

old city nostalgia - ibadan - Terrakulture - elsieisy blog - poetry

I didn’t mention to you How so nostalgic I am About the cobblestone streets The smell of new clothes And hot crossed buns The familiar shops, many of which Have been there since I was a child The red Buses are still there The black cabs are still... Read More

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