Tove Lo Live

Goya wakens my mind’s jukebox Now that I am with you again As your bare feet prod now The rockin’ Coachella stage Impenetrable with potent energy Paranormally stored within   An electricity of violent sounds (Some musical, some... Read More

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Embrace- art - poetry - elsieisy blog

You always hated the cold. Each snowflake that falls Has a particular Morality to impart.   The tongues of night pass over The leaves fallen into Dampness, rot, Swallowing the dead air.   Streetlamps flash over the blackness As candles do,... Read More

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Agbalumo dun dun! Omo Oba lo fe mun un   Oh dear Agbalumo! Be sweet! Be sweet because I’m here to Leak, suck and milk you dry. Fear not, ’cause I’ll be soft with it and will tear your wall with a full-barred mildness. Drop a... Read More

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Rites of Initiation

Any fool can get high.   It’s not too tough a trick to pull off.   All it takes is a little cash and a few chemicals combined as a dope concoction to dose and douse the day with.   Hell, some folks can ride such waves in a peaked... Read More

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Mind swings

elsieisy blog - mood swing

What’s wrong with me today. I feel like I woke up in another person’s skin. My thoughts are not mine, my temperament is different, and my body doesn’t respond the way I used to. A dark cloud is hanging over my head trying to dissolve... Read More

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Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution - elsieisy blog

Not every step in life is meant to be smooth; how else could we grow and learn along the path?   Not every word from our mouths can come out perfectly clean; how else could we be pushed to expand our language of love?   Not every truth that... Read More

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Love is in the Air

Blue Egyptian silk shimmers as I walk in. The scent of roses fills the air As little red petals lay strewn everywhere.   Mingling just right, The scent with the coolness of the A/C L’amour is in the air As I gaze upon the object of my... Read More

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