Dwellers of a Muddled World

At the break of our dying days

Our mouths brimmed

With flowing milk

From the succulent spring – our mothers’ breasts

Our manured hearts

Knew no groan to grasp

The marbles of our fathers

From the secrecy of the gods

We decoded the mystery in mars,

We fathomed the gossips of the birds

The mourning clothes of night

And the snoring of the wind

Under the tent of our stretchy sky.

Alas! Our siblings kissed the strangers

And they eat no more

The kolanut of our love

The smoked yam and oil

We ate together on the farm

By the bank of Arinkinkin River

Under the armpit of feathered trees

Times ahead of strife

Of chickens and ducks.


We hearken no more

To the lore of our fathers

Yet, in a muddle we dwell

Of the strangers craft

We are the wanderers

Amidst two flowing streams

We dance no more

The rhythm learnt at dawn

And eternity of time past

The gloaming glares at us

We still grapple in bewilderment

Mimicking a myriad of dance steps

The symphony of orchestra of the passers-by

Chaotic crumbs of cultures

Memento of our wanderings amidst two flowing streams.

We are the children

Reeling in maze

We are the dwellers

Of a muddled world.

About the Poet

Gideon Olufemi Ogunniran, popularly called Ogidiolu Afrocentric in arts circles, hails from Agurodo, Osun State. He is a Philosophy graduate from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Apart from being a poet who writes proficiently in English and Yoruba Language, he is also a prolific songwriter, compere, comedian, and radio host. He has to his credits two recorded love songs titled, ADEBOLA, and FOLAKEMI. He has performed these songs at several musical and poetry fora such as EniObanke Music Festival (Emufest) Ibadan and Lagos, and IFE Poetry Festival, Ile-Ife. He’s currently a news analyst at Jamz FM, a topnotch radio station in Ibadan, and the maker of an online skits series titled OGIDIOLU ONILETA. He can be reached via his email: femiogunniran22@gmail

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