Two Poems by Adediran Olusade

Like prison walls
Your heart is a dark room
Where elegies are composed
In verses, stanzas, and acts
Like a webbed abode
Devoid of sanity
Not even a vacancy
You got me this attitude.
Cause me to melt
Like the scorched ice
Under this spell, I'm stuck
Riding on the wind of emotions.
In the middle of your heart
I became a wanderer,
as you twisted my tongue
To savour unseen dishes
Now, I've embarked on
This blunt journey, in the deepest darkness of your
crocodile smiles
Thoughts mixed with images
Turning the dark into lullabies
Sung to a topped union
Tangled into eons.
The Encounter
I decided to wake up,
it was going to be an unwanted long night already
before the sun rose,
before the stern knock was heard.
Not too long I thought about it,
I heard it.
A beckon to embrace the topsy-turvy of the day.
A voice raised to get your hands clearing a shit.
It wasn't to be ignored,
we were to delve into its nook and cranny.
Not of the class of the prim and proper.
Thinking of an escapade was out of the question.
Cries and groaning soaked the inner self of the paupers.
The aged, too, were part.
Theirs was a concocted cocktail of bitterness.
Seemed we were medially positioned.
Out of bound surrounded by the captives.
Hard-work, vigilance, and serenity were the ancient landmarks
that we got to follow,
if we were to live.
Our hearts prayed for liberty.
Proselytes, in a way.
But we sought liberty.
The resort came as if we were timed.
Like a bomb ignited with a volcano.
It surged us into boldness.
It was time to knit our brows.
Then, we knew we had mouths to shout,
the hands to fight
and noises to make signals.
Our lives suffered, but a plea was rendered.
The cages must be opened
Every prisoner must leave being free
Yes!! The cruel reaped what they sowed.
We did it.
We caught them
 flogged them and burnt them.
That was when I knew all that were with me were my brothers.
We saw ourselves for the first time.
Laughter with cries, there lay the joy.
Though, they held us handicapped,
we had the victory at last.
Again, rose a shout.
From here and there, wailings.
But they were shouts of victory.
We got it!!!

About the Poet

Adediran Olusade is a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She loves writing, especially writing poems. Currently, she resides in Oyo town.

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