Poem: Deliberations

Sometimes looking back allows you to reminisce on the past
The good times you enjoyed and relished
And the bad you felt estranged and choked with
The passion that burnt you deeply
The anger that left you helpless yet powerful
The smiles that renewed the feeling of hope
The laughter that made your head turn and spin
The ache you feel when people let go
The scars that deepen when a memory hits the ground
The remembrance of the old wounds put under the reins
The feelings burnt alive yet living dead
The struggles and undecided triumphs
The joys of seeing your loved ones
Holding them in your arms in sweet sweet promises
The discussion of the unforeseen future
The nights spent deliberating disturbing thoughts
Now the question is if no regrets are felt
the joys are fulfilled and embraced
If the memories are worth sharing and reminiscing on
And if your life is worth a story to tell

About the Poet

Mary Olaoye Oluwayemisi Ngozika known as M.O.O.N  is a dynamic writer and creative designer that loves the arts. She writes to express hidden words and believes in writing than speaking. She also communicates with designs. She loves connecting and reconnecting with the world.

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