Black, what a rare complexion
She stands firm, beautiful under the sun’s reflection
Green shades on her eyes, her expression
Her cloth, as white as it can be, exudes radiation
Life for her was so interesting
Her parent stood by her despite her shortcoming
She never failed to keep at heart her training
Well groomed and cultured, well behaved and fast growing
She rebels and leaves home in search of liberty
Her parents’ plumage soon become a boredom
All so soon, she got acquainted with hoodlums
Becoming a mother so quickly, suffering the pains that stick like gum
She becomes a punching bag, a victim of domestic violence
Her predicament was largely obvious; it needs not checked with lens
The liberty she sought was no longer of any essence
Looking old, beauty quickly fades in all sense
She left her military husband for a civilian dude
But the latter is, in fact, a villain, very crude
Now looking skinny and hungry due to the low ratio of food
Sobbing, crying and thinking was normal and for her, good
Due to tears unending, eyes are now constantly red
Punch-swollen face, glowing skin, now dead
Hairs now fallen off rather than being coiled
Cloth now rags, eyes shades now dark and dented
Some of her children suffered at the mercy of others
Others steal the little money she kept in her coffers
Consistent fights between them, her first children are corrupt leaders
Some go as far as killing others – actually, those ones are bastards
A few good ones wonder if the deviant ones are their brothers or wicked dictators
Even the so-called sisters are evil gladiators
Every day, she hopes for true mediators
But what is obtained is no other than false traitors
“I’ve been shot, screwed, stripped and stretched
Remarried, rebuked, robbed and raped
I wish not to have left for freedom”, she altered
“Too late, I’m now a mother of my children and children beyond”, she whispered
She takes solace in her much anticipated leisure
In her hopes and dreams, she finds pleasure
The sane children still strive to explore her treasure
Both she and these children are optimistic about the future

About the Poet

Nnadube Jonathan EJIOGU is a graduate of the English Department, University of Lagos. He also holds a Diploma degree in Social Development and Administration (SDA) from the same institution. He is a scholar, literary critic, and researcher who has a teeming interest in African Literary Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Ecoafricanism, and Comparative Literature. He has been published on Grin and The Shallow Tales Review. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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