Dear Laitan

Dear Laitan
You possess the strength of Venus
I was yours and still is
As Night takes shelter with Dawn
But you're cramped in the sunken place
Daily I fight to recover your soiled childhood
I strive to make you heal
I know your scars run deep, your innocence tainted and forcefully taken
That night, your little self took shelter by the sewage, as the sky cried so heavy
Left alone to dance to the rhythm of your confused heartbeat
The storm swelling from within
My heart found rest in your broken pieces, and my peace was attached to yours
So I fought for you
And made your crooked smile even
I'm glad you found peace
The war is not over yet but
Live, Olaitan, and let's live.
                            From your greatest Weapon,

About the Poet

Ilegbusi Dolapo is a young and vibrant lady, currently studying Law at Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU). She is a very passionate writer and foodie. One of the things that inspire her writings is the series of experiences that did not break her but has given her wings to soar. Writing makes her happy and gives her a sense of purpose.

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