Alexandra David-Neel


She edits her life from a room made dark against a desert dropping summer sun. A daring traveling Parisian adventurer ultimate princess turning toad with age- snow drops of white in her hair, tiny fingers thumb joints osteoarthritis corrects proofs at... Read More

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The Masked Man

the masked man - poetry - elsieisy blog

Walking into an empty house And there he was again Following me around like my shadow in the light Scared my shadow left Alone with him He has walked behind me In front of me Beside me But not for once have I seen his face Who are you?  A question I... Read More

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My Night With Oculus

Theory of Evolution - elsieisy blog

by Peter Magliocco Now rouse the dawn from treasured lips of my vanished Madonna turned to whore, & bring night to her altered from   Far from the bustle of your modern mecca skyline frosted by skyscraper hills Spider-Man scales minus... Read More

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Tove Lo Live

tove lo live- elsieisy blog - poetry

Goya wakens my mind’s jukebox Now that I am with you again As your bare feet prod now The rockin’ Coachella stage Impenetrable with potent energy Paranormally stored within   An electricity of violent sounds (Some musical, some... Read More

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