Where are the warriors
Whence plunged in horrors
Mortals of thousand colors.
Where are the curious curators
Trothed with tectonic ancestors
Who healed thousands sick on their corridors.
Where are the witnesses to the sculpted scriptures
Where are the religious orators
Shepherds in exotic pastures
They said we are more than conquerors
In their woven words of metaphors.
Where are the menders of broken mirrors,
Of hopes and tampered future
We must all bridle this ravenous vulture
Pestilence with sledge hammer of torture
Promiscuous plague of global signature.

About the Poet

Gideon Olufemi Ogunniran, popularly called Ogidiolu Afrocentric in arts circles, hails from Agurodo, Osun State. He is a Philosophy graduate from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Apart from being a poet who writes proficiently in English and Yoruba Language, he is also a prolific songwriter, compere, comedian, and radio host. He has to his credits two recorded love songs titled, ADEBOLA, and FOLAKEMI. He has performed these songs at several musical and poetry fora such as EniObanke Music Festival (Emufest) Ibadan and Lagos, and IFE Poetry Festival, Ile-Ife. He’s currently a news analyst at Jamz FM, a topnotch radio station in Ibadan, and the maker of an online skits series titled OGIDIOLU ONILETA. He can be reached via his email: femiogunniran22@gmail

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