Two Poems by Aishat Bello

Her Body is Carved out of Mud.
She is as Solid as a Rock.
Soft as Water.
Light as Wool.
Heavier than Iron.
Her Soul is Created from Fire and Ice. 
Strongest of all Creations.
Weak as Water Lily.
Dirty as Mud Water.
Clean as Cloud.
Bitter as Darkness.
Sweeter than Sweetness.
Her Spirit is the Purest of All.
Her Guardian Angel has the Biggest Wings.
Her Bosom is Full of Honey and Happiness.
Her Happiness Bring Forth Salvation.
Protect HER.
Guard HER.
Secure HER.
No Evil Must Come to Her.
Because SHE is From, And For ME.
Let me Dive in your water.
Engrossed in your Fluid
Let your Wetness slide Me in.
For a Swimmer like me is Rare.
Let your Body feel Me.
As my Soul commits to Yours.
Let your Heart beat to my Pounds.
For I am Great and Hard.
Let your Blood fill my Veins.
As my Muscles contract in your Hole.
Feel the Vibration of my Flesh.
As I splutter you my Holy Water.

About the Poet

Aishat Bello is an indigene of Ogbomoso in Oyo state. A fresher at the University of Ibadan, she loves writing poems and exploring the world. Currently, she resides in the city of Ibadan.

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