Letter to YOU


I still ask the angels to kiss you goodnight for meThoughts of you still keep me up all nightI can’t get you out of my headI’ve kept you in so long kicking you out is next to impossibleHow am I supposed to let go of you when even breathing... Read More

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When you hear distinct shriekFrom the corridors of milklessly breasted womb-men,Liberating lowly howls; rhythms of disturbed worriesAt the leagues of muscular brains;Know that men cry too. When men cry,Heaven sits for summitDebating facts off... Read More

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Burning Ice

burning ice

The cold harmattan wind blew from behind On and on its strength unwind Cooling anything its might could find But together we lay, its threat I never mind. We stare at each other Knowing what we have done is a bother But don’t mind, who would tell... Read More

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BOKO, I ask you?

Unnecessary killings and kidnaps,bombings and inequitable violence!!!All for what?So he would not return to power in 2015?Is that all there is to it? What else could it be, if not that? Is it really worth these lives??Just to send subliminal... Read More

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Broken Pot

broken pot

Don’t stop she moaned deliciously against my ears Her voice rippled in me like dancing crystals She pleads gently with her swollen eyes I stare deep couldn’t hold back   I held her against the cold wallsHer beats fast like a rocking bandI... Read More

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All I See

all i see

You are wrong, I am rightI’m No, imbecileYou are wrong, I am rightNo, criminalNo files….I can do it better, you are cluelessHow else can you achieve this differently?I don’t know but I can do it betterClueless we all areAs we can... Read More

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