BOKO, I ask you?

Unnecessary killings and kidnaps,bombings and inequitable violence!!!All for what?So he would not return to power in 2015?Is that all there is to it? What else could it be, if not that? Is it really worth these lives??Just to send subliminal messages. Just to tell us what YOU’D do if YOUR demands are left unsupplied? 686882_bokoharam_jpg39fccec8eeee102e119a7a43a5ed5f4bIs it really worth this pain families would never recover from? Thoughts of their kidnapped young daughters,crying,wondering if they’d see ever their moms again. Thoughts of the unfortunately barbaric and painful ways their families have been ripped away from their grasps. The hopeless stare in their eyes, the bitter tastes in their mouths,the anxious growls in the pit of their stomachs, their minds lost in these thoughts,sunk deep,deeper than a bottomless hollow. Is this what YOU want?Are YOU happy now? Does this satisfy YOUR insatiable blood lust? YOUR thirst for power,equalled only by YOUR hatred for human life? The result of YOUR ruthless plans and estimates.bring back our girlsHumans littering streets and parks in worst ways than feasting vultures would let crumbs fall off. Heads and limbs severed from torso like they were visited by an award winning butcher. All these I see and become blind to foresight. Sight of the bright future I used to hear a lot about, sight of that tomorrow for which I have no hope?Hope,where is the hope?bokoFor that common,regular and everyday Nigerian? Who neither drives in a convoy of latests like his Governor, nor razzles the bossoms of his daughters’ mates? Yes that hope. Where is it?For that hussling mother, who sets out everyday at 5am to the farm, and with morning dew n sweat streaming down her face, rushes to that park, to catch that 1st customer, only to be blown into more bits than the oranges on her head? Where is the hope for us young ones? Who get stampeded on just in our frustrated bid to find jobs? Young bloods who spend 4,5,6,7,8 years in school only to be sent back because the employers have got no need for a Bsc,they want higher? Why include us in your war of politics?  img_1184026611These are my questions for YOU.I’m talking to you, yes you!All of YOU!!!YOU who were once in power for years,doing nothingbut now the 1st to run YOUR swollen, power hungry mouths against the ills of a government you equally corrupted.Na now wey light bulb don spark  for YOUR head abi? YOU’RE so filled with ideas and hungry for change abiDon’t pretend YOU did any better in his shoes.Don’t get me wrong, this dude ain’t perfect,we all know he’s more confused than our university lecturers,But cursing the life out of him wont make him any smarter, it won’t solve our problems either.I see YOU ALL for who you areBetrayers,Liars and BigotsMay God save us all from YOUR treachery? Written by Ikem ‘Cyr Ed’ Ede 

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  1. Someone said it ain’t a political war but a religious war. All is just a cover cause I don’t see what concerns politics and bombing of churches or killing christians or forcing the Christians among the kidnapped girls to change to Muslims. Let’s think about it here. Those crazy Muslims are always looking for ways to kill Christians.

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