they think they are better than us

They think they are better than ustheir noses up and shoulders at ustheir arrogance stinks like orcswe’ll wait and see whose is the tosswhose wager is lost we’ll sort  They think they are better than uscheck my church and yoursthey are holier than lowly usall alone they champion the crossbut at trumpet we’ll sure be first  They think they are better than usthey check the board for our scoresthey wish to scorn or lossbut our luck is fair not grosswe’ll sing songs, we’ll laugh best  They think they are better than usonly their brains can plan the bestthey see us as big as gnatsthey seek to quench our livesbut like the phoenix, we rise from ashes  They think they are better than useven you think they’re firsthow sad for they are blown off courselike chaffs, thither and thusand soon they’ll see, we’re better than they thought…Oluwole. …’Wole Ayodele-Fash is a writer, poet, social commentator and a legal practitioner. He blogs at

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