Just another love gone south

I just want to know

Don’t do that she saidWhat I asked?You hurting me she saidThat’s fine I saidI looked at her closeShe swallowed her tears like a doseI said stopShe said what?Don’t do thatShe said, do what?I said fuckShe said what?Like this we continueA game of turn the tablesI remember when we metFeelings as fast as a jetWe tumble into each other’s hands like petsNever letting go just yetNow the trust is goneAnd we are not yet doneShe cleaned her eyesI gently sighedI held her closeHmmn! That was close.But do we continue like thisThose good old days I missWhen all we do is kissNo arguments, no dissBut all is memoriesAll like smoke wispI watch her sleepI hope it is deepI pick my phone and called SteveHey buddy where is she?At my house she is pissed.Hope to God, am not missed.I end the call and looked at her againKnowing I would never see her againI picked my bag and took that trip south.Written by Newton SamsonTwitter – @newton_samson 

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  1. Oh how intriguing Yet I continued reading Poetry always a virgin feeling And still gets our mind thinkingOh wot a piece by Elsie That I read wit such Frenzy Still Gerry

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