Rise and Fall

Rise and fall

Is this how it goes?I feel something special and suddenly its no more there.The heart beats faster and then it stopsAnd then I wonder if this is how it isSometimes I’m tempted to ask mumHow did you become that strong, successfulTough and still found loveDoes this come with being strongStanding up for myselfKnowing how I want to be treatedKnowing my worth  Loving one and wanting his love backDoes he have to always be Mr. LeftCan’t I just pull him to the rightI bury myself in my hustleBrainstorm , get tired till I’m wearyBut this heart still decides to riseAgainst my willAgainst my instructionsThen what can the tender me doFollow the heart and see where it leadsAlthough the head is fully activatedNot at this point, no not nowI follow my heartLoving as much as it let’s me  Then suddenly the head spots it allThe insultsThe wrong wayThe future pain, avoidable painThe lies and deceitWhat can I doI can only pull this heart of mine by handAnd lead it back to where we started this journeyBack to workBack to hustleBack to brainstormingBack to readingBack to writingUntil it wanders off againRise and fall…

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