Perfect Half


Humbled by your loveMy hate fades into oblivionBrightened by your wisdomMy ignorance shatters into photonsAmazed by your innocenceMy flaws run out the doorCaptured by your laughterMy frown ignites into smilesGraced by your mercyMy wrath bursts into rustLost in the shadow of sorrowTo your joyful gaze of coy I bracedFrom filth, shame and guilt you savedIn love your all you gaveTime and time againThe definition of my joy is youHalcyon moments of brightest hueYou are the “happy” in my “ness”My light in days of darknessYou are the face of my smileHeld in your armsMy fears fled into merry tearsLove struck by your beautyMy beasty looks loose significanceBlessed by your gentlenessMy beast finds infinite peaceEmbraced by your kissMy drawn being drowns in blissYou’re the reason I beThe perfect half of meI love you constantlyNow and stillFor you’re my KonstantineSubmitted by: Elysian Ereky

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