When you hear distinct shriekFrom the corridors of milklessly breasted womb-men,Liberating lowly howls; rhythms of disturbed worriesAt the leagues of muscular brains;Know that men cry too.

When men cry,Heaven sits for summitDebating facts off reasonsWhen men cry,The earth shivers in the heatBeaming from the angry saharaWhen men cry,The oceans would riseTo tell tales to troubled tidesWhen men cry,Mothers wail in hopelessnessChildren sobs in bleaknessWhen men cry,You’d see a smiling womanA source of resentmentYou’d see the picture of hopeHanged on the colored walls of deathwith the frame of regretKnow that our land has fallenoff the map of a peaceful nationwhen men cry.When men cry,It’s not as it seems. Certainly not weaknessBut a shed for hope at the junction of strength

© Adedayo Adeyemi Agarauwww.twap-twainer.blogspot.com@poetic_twainer

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  1. Will like a man that I love to shed some tears for me as he gets down on his knees confessing his undying love for me and how he’ll die if he lose me and he wants to be with me forever, me and only me (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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