Burning Ice

burning ice

The cold harmattan wind blew from behind

On and on its strength unwind

Cooling anything its might could find

But together we lay, its threat I never mind.

We stare at each other

Knowing what we have done is a bother

But don’t mind, who would tell mother?

After all I am supposed to be your brother.

You lay trembling, with pleasure or guilt I don’t know

But I touch you and it felt like snow

You had that look in your brow

Disgust or distrust, it just shows.

I try to call your name

But I hang back in shame

My wild lust tamed

After‘ve used you, my little dame.

I thought you wanted it

The way you loved to sit

Showing me ample flesh even if a bit

I thought you wanted me to use my wit

Cornering you was my idea of fun

Making you feel the heat like the sun

But these acts make me burn

I swear I wish time would turn.

I was there when you were laid to rest

You killed yourself this side west

Out of shame or sorrow we cannot test

But I swear to your good character would I attest

Cold, very cold like burning ice

Eating into me like many lice

I wish for once I were wise

But a fool have I been twice.


  • The thoughts of the poet(which is me) was to write on the dangers of incest, seeing it’s a common trend now, I tried getting into the head of the perpetrator, to know why he does it but I really didn’t do a good job. Hope you enjoyed it though.

Written by Newton Samson (@Newton_Samson) Kindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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  1. I read a story recently where a lady admitted to always having sex with her cousin, not that she regrets it,she enjoys it. From the poem,one party felt sorry and killed herself,these days that don’t feel sorry.

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