Letter to YOU


I still ask the angels to kiss you goodnight for meThoughts of you still keep me up all nightI can’t get you out of my headI’ve kept you in so long kicking you out is next to impossibleHow am I supposed to let go of you when even breathing reminds me of you?Is there a drug I can take to stop the pain? Maybe some of Bruno mars’ Morphine would help.You’re part of me, my better half (I think that’s what they call it) now I’m thinking about a myth about a time from long ago when men had double every feature we have now and the gods were scared of being overthrown by men so they divided each one into two and that’s why we have soul mates, because we need to find our other half.You’re my other half, I need you like I need ice-cream, I can never have enough.My whole life revolves around you, you’re the bane of my existence.How can I let you go when you mean this much to me?You light up my world like a torch on a dark night.Being without you is like a flashlight without batteries, I can’t function.But I’m getting better, little by little I’m learning to live without you. It’s not easy and I wish it’d be faster but at least I’m moving. Soon I’ll be over you completely. I won’t need to think of you to lighten my spirits, I wouldn’t air hug you when I’m lonely or cold or both, I won’t send kisses to you through the angels.This flashlight is getting remodeled, I’m gonna be solar powered baby.

Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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  1. I love this…..makes me think of someone while reading this….btw since you did the changes to the site it moves much faster it use to take me 20 mins to write a message…..

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