Hebetude: A Poem by Adediran Olusade

For a thousand times, I wrung your warmth
And tonight, I am pressed to do more
Never want to know what this presages
But I know that I am fit for this race
I have been drowned in your tortures
And the pains give me no more pleasure
It's not too much to ask for the sweetness laced within your making
I will wait till you breathe in me your life
My muse all time
The songs in my sheets are weary
And the mind's getting hollows
The limbs are feeble
Because of the saddening cordate shadow
Reflecting in sync with the face of nature
I lay my ears in case you call
I lay my mind in case you chose that
I lay me outside just in case you came running
But I want to know for how long
My eyes are soaked with blobs of tears
My dear, come now
It seems I will die tomorrow
I won't, I know
Because I must have your life in me
Oh! Great is the hope of my coming life

About the Poet

Adediran Olusade is a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She loves writing, especially writing poems. Currently, she resides in Oyo town.

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