Under My Smile by Adediran Olusade

In my spooky clumsy closet
Lies the dull sulky puppet 
Towing the wanderland 
Watching the whirlwind 
As it brushes on the face, nostalgia 
And cuts the mind with the soggy idea
Under my smile
Is the bud that tastes bile
Locking up the biting surge
To spit the wreaking cries 
But the smile bashes the urge
Oh, the coloured shining butterflies! 
Make me sap the nectar 
Of the drowning world
Throw to me the wings 
Make me fly to the highs 
Oh, the moon! 
Sing to me the lullabies 
Bathe me with the dripping songs
Escaping the troubles of a lonely heart
Under my smile 
Is the clamour to break free
it's a voice to be heard
But drowning in no help 
But still hoping in ecstasy 
Under my smile is the rising pain 
The tortures of the emotions 
The silent intruder, the fights untold 
It is a cover 
It's the smile 
A cover to cold
A mothering clothing 
A glittering glass
Mirroring the phosphorescence
Bathed with a brave face
That smile can only be mine now

About the Poet

Adediran Olusade is a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She loves writing, especially writing poems. Currently, she resides in Oyo town.

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