Hunger Pangs: A Poem by Amama

The thought and smell of an imaginary beloved taste,
Is enough to get your chest clenched,
Create watery substances in your mouth
And a constantly grumbling belly,
Waiting for the sight and taste
That could take you to an elevated state of ecstasy.
Sometimes the waiting feels more like suspense,
You believe a particular time,
Told a particular time,
Both with such uncertainty,
That prevents you from being calm.
So there you stay,
It begins messing with your emotions,
From curiosity to excitement to anger,
Felt almost all at one.
Your throat quivers,
Leaving you with an uneasy feeling.
"Ughh! When will it come?!"
A question asked a million times with not a single answer,
Your annoyance intensifies,
Becomes channeled towards the bringer,
And everyone else who seems to be an obstacle
To devouring this unseen goodness.

About the Poet

Amama (Ruth Eluagwule) is a poet and a foodie, who is spontaneous and enjoys intellectual conversations. She can be friendly and loves meeting new people. Visiting art galleries, going to the cinemas, visiting friends, and checking out new restaurants are her favorite activities. A huge wine lover that is open-minded but can be opinionated, she’s fond of engaging herself in volunteer work and believes the world needs to be more altruistic. She is also passionate about devoting one’s life to serving humanity. She hopes to someday become a licensed Counseling Psychologist and own an orphanage home.

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