Ni’gba ti a kolu rawa (when we collide) by Eziafakaego Brenda Nwafor

Let your hands cup these mounds
Filled with longing and desire
Fueled by absence and need
Let your fingers crawl on this skin
As a tourist on a vacation site
For my body is a country
Traverse, be lost
I will find you
Let your eyes through mine
Boreholes into my soul
As we gyrate to the rhythm of our hearts
Sheer lust, our guide
Hold me
For all we have is now
Let your fingers like a screwdriver
Unscrew the bolts to this temple door
Pray at this altar
Save your soul
Make reparation
Let your tongue
Walk these hills and valley
Curves and bends
Aisles and alleys
Satisfy your taste buds
Let each native tongue 
Be aroused by each thrust
Slow, fast, deep, shallow
As care and the wind become one
Every gasp becomes a closer call
To erupting satisfaction

About the Poet

Eziafakaego Brenda Nwafor is a poet, Vice Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Lagos, and a bag designer. She is the author of “Ode to a Dancing Pen” and “Eyes Wide Shut“, both poetry collections. She lives in Lagos.

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