Pretense by Ruth Eluagwule (Amama)

He came with pretense,
Claiming to be what he's not,
His speech and actions incongruent,
Like a very corky predator,
He waited till he got the opportunity to pounce on his prey.
She was as innocent as a child,
With a clear mind,
Without a doubt or suspicion,
She gave into his disguised charm,
Little did she know,
That he was a serpent,
Waiting to poison her
He came closer,
With such endearing words,
Enough to make her light in the head
He spoke with so much poise and grace,
Holding her like she was some precious ornaments he dared not lose.
There she lay,
Feeling so comfortable and protected in his arms,
Not knowing it was a slow poison,
Waiting to cause her harm.
Before she pleaded with him,
"don't touch me,"
He already said he won't,
Like he could see her words right in her eyes.
He thrust his lips in hers,
Slowly and roughly,
Making her moan, 
He loved it,
But he wanted more than she was willing to give.
Her rejection was like stimulants,
A motivation that moved him to claim what was never his in the first place.
Eventually, she observed a change in him that she had unknowingly ignored.
Her hands were forced on his genitals, 
As he motioned back and forth while clothed on her body, 
Like he owned it, 
Like he could carry out his selfish desires as he so wished, 
He slipped his limb into her undies,
And there she drew the line,
The lioness in her became unleashed,
She threw his deceitfulness out the door.
But that was never going to be enough 
To compensate for the pain 
He had caused her.
There she was the following day,
Unable to erase the hurt and betrayal,
She felt fury, disgust and sadness overwhelm her almost simultaneously,
She wanted to cry but couldn't,
Wanted to scream, but her voice failed her.
So she braced herself up,
Picked up her pieces,
Sent out her word over to him so boldly,
She had regained control, 
And little by little,
Step by step,
She felt herself heal
As her pieces slowly became whole again.

About the Poet

Ruth Eluagwule (Amama) is a poet and a foodie, who is spontaneous and enjoys intellectual conversations. She can be friendly and loves meeting new people. Visiting art galleries, going to the cinemas, visiting friends, and checking out new restaurants are her favorite activities. A huge wine lover that is open-minded but can be opinionated, she’s fond of engaging herself in volunteer work and believes the world needs to be more altruistic. She is also passionate about devoting one’s life to serving humanity. She hopes to someday become a licensed Counseling Psychologist and own an orphanage home.

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