Best Valentine gift Ideas for the Nigerian Man

Many bloggers, including myself have given different suggestions on best valentine gift ideas for a Nigerian woman. How about we help the Ladies spoil their man too? I don’t plan to have a long intro on this one but I must say this – It is highly important, to shower your man with gifts and also come up with creative romantic gestures to blow his mind. Men deserve as much as women lay claim to. So stop expecting always and start giving! It’s a give and take affair not collect collect collect…you are not a tax collector *rolling my eyes*

Whether you think he is scum or not, may turn out to be scum or not, you already said yes to be in a Relationship with him. You might as well just put in your 100% and make things work. Below are some valentine gift idea for a Nigerian man:

A bottle of wine

No I do not mean 500 naira cheap bottle of red wine!!! Get him an expensive bottle of wine, get creative and tell a story about the wine. Tying it to your love story.


Contrary to what it used to be, guys are more fashionable these days and I love me some fashionable hot chocolate man *wink*. Get him a nice leather pair. He would love it. Sneakers works too

Face care pack (including beard cream)

This set should include but not limited to – Face scrub, Face wash, Face cream, Face cleanser, Beard cream, Beard oil, Aftershave, moisturiser, shaving kit, etc.

Relaxing Spa session

Please make sure this spa session includes but not limited to, pedicure and full body massage.

A portable Bluetooth speaker

Guys love hanging with them boys. This will never change but as they grow older, they tend to hang out less at the bar and more with their guys in a secluded and less noisy environment. This type of speaker comes in handy.


Need I explain their love for wristwatch? Better pricey though.


Up his work style game with a leather brief case. That way he can carry his laptop and anything else he has to carry around on the job in style.

Socks and underwear

I know there have been serious outrage on social media about this type of gift but i also believe that a man with fine style will appreciate quality socks and under wears. we all know how difficult it can be for them to get up and buy these things even when they can afford it. so you can buy them as gifts but please buy quality and package your gifts nicely.

Like I said on the post I Made on gift ideas for women, what is that thing he has always wanted and you can afford it? Go ahead and make that happen for him this season. Its all worth it.

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  1. Really, spending so much on a guy still speaks volumes against a woman in her relationship but I’ll go with your thoughts here since it can that one special time that you get to really ‘spend’ on your man.

  2. I really liked your blog and your website also. You are providing such good information about valentine gift ideas and your ideas were looking nice and all the gifts which you suggested are very good for gifting purpose. Thanks for the sharing this information.

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