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By Agbaakin Oluwatoyosi Jeremiah

Look!he was the runt of a gangsettling hard and struggling,too sucking to suckle sour surdsfrom the mystic breasts of Life.inside a serried deep,somewhere,a tadpole is too modest to swimthat hefty sharks may live undisturbed.If you’ve seen a falconet choke, midairyou’d know why her first tutortold mom he was too dense,cursed to abhor the tepid flavourof knowledge dripping from chalk juices.Is there still a crack in everything?she begged those mute wallsto be his Confidant,Oft alone–choked by noiseoutside the acres of a remote heart,words were staggering stickson a slippery tongue,and coiled inside a burning ice of solitude.The day mummy came late,he begged the walls to crackIt was then she knew she must runfrom herself and crawl out of his crack!

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  1. Nice piece? I read it 2 times still trying to understand someone explain

    1. Boss lady, it’s speculative poem. Any meaning you drive from it is accurate depending on how you see it. However, my state of mind when writing it is the story of people suffering from low self esteem. They don’t believe in themselves and allow pinto intimidate them unnecessarily.

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