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Mosopefoluwa Odeseye is an event planner under the name Mode7 Events and a caterer under the name Iyameto’s Kitchen based in Lagos. Iyameto’s Kitchen is actually a subsidiary of Mode7 Events. The start-up was initiated about 4 years ago and have been waxing stronger by the day.

Mosopemi was our guest last Friday on Crux of the matter live tweetchat where she shared her experience on being single on Valentine’s Day and tips to make sure you are not swallowed up in anxiety and worry.

Read extensive excerpt below:

Looking back over the years, I have never really had any Valentine celebration experience. I actually attended a girls-only secondary boarding school in Ogun State and I think it actually part of what shaped my view about the concept of Valentine’s Day. Although, some girls celebrated Valentine’s Day among themselves, exchanging gifts back then when we were in school. Those days, I was more of an introvert and hardly socialised. I don’t remember receiving Valentine gifts up till now but recently I started to appreciate myself more. So these days, when the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, I also decide to enjoy the day with friends and family members around.

Valentine ’s Day is celebrated in several countries throughout the world. But it began to rise in popularity around the 17th century, when it was not uncommon for friends to exchange little gifts and notes of affection. A reason why I actually reckon with the fact that Valentine’s Day is set aside to celebrate love, romance and care with special ones. Although, it is not supposed to be the only day affection is celebrated, we should celebrate love every day.

So last year I decided to step out and get myself a few lovely things which I eventually shared with friends and family around.

The first Valentine’s Day card was believed to be sold in 1840 by Esther Howland, also known as The Mother of the Valentine, and today it is estimated that over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.

I keep my fingers crossed for what’s going down for this year’s Valentine but sure I will celebrate myself, friends and family memebrs around me.

So we all just need to understand that Valentine’s Day is actually historically rooted in something worth celebrating: which is LOVE.

I know it can be frustrating and very difficult being alone sometimes and not having someone to share moments with…but what’s most important here is that you celebrate yourself and have fun. So here is a list of things I’d suggest you do as single person to enjoy the day irrespective of what’s happening around you

*Hang out with friends

*Plan a road trip/mini holiday with your girlfriends

*Watch your favorite TV shows

*Listen to music, good food music.

*Give yourself a treat

*Order pizza

*Go get ice cream, yoghurt or and chocolate

*Stand up comedy


*Try out new recipe

*Make your favorite meal

*Pop champagne

*Go for a massage, pedicure etc

*Visit friends

It’s a day to show love anyway, so you might as well get someone a special gift on Valentine’s Day……. decide to be happy, don’t get carried away.


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