Best Valentine gift Ideas for a Typical Nigerian Woman

There Is A Damning Scarcity Of Love In Our Community - Reuben Abati

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you still haven’t figured what gift you are getting for the woman in your life. Not to worry, I have got you covered. Some men find it difficult settling for the right gift out of anxiety but if you have a good woman in your life, be rest assured that whatever you get her will be valued not based on its worth but the efforts put into getting the best gift for her.

You may be Mr. Romantic, thereby, may have gotten her all sorts of gifts already. I understand and you are the real MVP, as real men do not wait for Valentine’s Day to get gifts or spoil their woman. However, you must remember that as women, we do not mind having excesses as long as we love that item. Another way to figure out what to get your woman on a day like February 14, is paying attention while communicating. There must be something she has mentioned, obsessed over or starred at, but did not necessarily ask you to get it for her. This is the right time to surprise her with such, as a gift. Gifts like that are more endearing, because asides spending time and money to get it, it shows you are sensitive, you pay her maximum attention and you are willing and ready to make her extremely happy.

But I know you have less than 48 hours to pull this off, so here are few of the Best Valentine gift Ideas for a typical Nigerian woman:

A gift that supports her hustle:

So I decided to put this first because if you are dating a woman like myself, this does all the magic. What business or entrepreneurial move is your woman making? What is that one thing she needs to boost her production, sales or ease of doing business? If you can afford it, surprise her. Be involved and supportive.


If she likes makeup (most women do), here is a chance to buy her a whole set of makeup. Ok, maybe not a whole set, depends on your budget. But getting her some quality set of makeup products will definitely make her smile.


What kind of footwear does she like? Is she girly? Cheeky? Playful? Sexy? Pick up a beautiful set for her. Or, here is an opportunity to patronize some of the made in Nigeria footwear brands and actually customize the product to what she will love.

A Quality wrist watch:

Is she into leather wristwatch, chain wristwatch or both? Is there a particular brand of wristwatch she loves to wear? Get her the latest edition. Wink*

Hand bag

A nighttime or daytime hand bag works the magic.


A set of badass jewelry works all the time.

A piece of Art

Is she an art lover? A piece of art can do the magic.


This will always remain one of the age long gift ideas which will never grow old. Buy her a perfume…not cheap!

Love poems:

You do not have to be the author, you just have to make sure the writer captures your emotions using the right words. Its ok to hire a professional poet to do this for you.

Lingerie and under wears

If you are not a godly relationship (sign of the cross), you can go lingerie, bra and pant shopping for your woman. It’s a very sexy something. Believe me. LOL

At the end of the day, what matters is how these gifts are presented. Imagine you getting her just cakes but you decide to get her 12 boxes of cupcakes because y’all have been dating for 12months. Or 5 different gowns cos you been together for 5weeks.

Whatever you decide to give? No matter how much it cost? The approach matters a lot… GOODLUCK

I will be publishing valentines day gift ideas for a typical Nigerian man pretty soon, stay subscribed

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  1. Absolutely, being involved and supportive in your partner’s entrepreneurial journey is a wonderful way to show love and encouragement. It’s the thought and effort that counts and can make a significant difference in their success and happiness.

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