Your AUDIENCE is waiting

There are people that are waiting for you to publish that book, release that music album, organize that life-transforming seminar, and introduce products and services that can add value to their lives. I remember how these words came to me sometimes back and reminded me of the need to prepare toward a fruitful, rewarding and fulfilling speaking and writing career.

For every person, there is an assignment. Every assignment attracts an audience. You really need to find out the big reason why you are on earth. Patients are part of the audience of a doctor. For instance, a doctor applies his medical knowledge and experience to restore the health of his patients, bringing joy to the hearts of the friends, relatives and well-wishers of the patients.

There are audiences attached to your purpose, not just your profession. Your audiences are waiting for you, if you are yet to start making positive impact through your life’s assignment. You are meant to be a blessing to people. How do you bless your audiences? Through your gifts, talents, strengths, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and resources, you can be a channel of blessing to tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of people. There is something God has given you to give others.

Don’t keep your audience waiting endlessly. Prepare yourself for the great assignment and look for opportunities to be a blessing to the people God has surrounded you with. Never, never forget that you are person of worth and value to God. You are very important to the destiny of so many people you may not know. There are books we read, messages we listen to, that influence us significantly yet the authors and speakers behind them may never know us personally but they are fulfilling their life’s assignment to us their audiences. Your works can travel to places you never imagined and touch continents, especially now with the untrammeled influence of the internet.

If you are Bible student, I want you to imagine the number of eyes that were fixed on David as fought Goliath the giant. David’s audiences had been waiting for him for forty days and forty nights. A day is coming when your audiences will watch you perform your life’s assignment. Your preparation matters. Get ready; your audience is waiting!


idowu omisore
Written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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