7 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men

7 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men - elsieisy blog

Happy father’s day in advance to all men. Whether you have a biological child (yet) or not, I encourage you to celebrate this year Father’s Day like it’s your birthday. I am one of those who think we don’t appreciate our men enough. We let stories of the few bad men travel deep into our minds that we, as women, sometimes ignore and/or forget to celebrate the many good men we have around – Men who protect, provide, lead, work hard, pray hard and love hard.

I am also a strong believer of expressing love through giving. Be it your time, attention, care, money…whatever you can give, give in love, if you appreciate someone, give them something. Which is why I am encouraging every woman out there to make this father’s day a special one in a special man’s life. You don’t have to break the bank and break the bank if you may. Just get something special for that fine man.

Dear men, I also encourage you to celebrate each other. Send gifts and love to fellow men, you all deserve the love. If women can constantly shower each other with love and affection, I don’t see any reason for men not to do the same.

They say people start appreciating you as a person when you first of all, appreciate yourself. And with that I would say, appreciate each other this month. Maybe some women don’t know, so be the example. Show women how to appreciate a man and let them see how happy it makes you.

So without wasting your time, here are few gift ideas for Nigerian men (also click here for some gift Ideas for Nigerian Men I shared during Valentine):


Brozay shoes - elsieisy blog 5Brozay Shoes, a slang for brothers, is an idea which has been in inception since 2015. It was birthed out of a strong desire to style men in unique and classy fashion statements. The brand transcends making genuine high quality leather footwear for men.  With its major aim at crafting for all men, leather footwear that every guy who loves his friend would recommend for him as it is born out of genuine friendships. Brozay shoes is a fusion of African culture and western style connecting men together under an umbrella of class and individuality. And guess what? I hear a quality pair from Brozay shoes cost as low as N15, 000. If you love that man, order a pair now. WhatsApp number – 08035296213 or follow them on Instagram and twitter – @brozayshoes

Brozay shoes - elsieisy blog 2 brozay shoes - elsieisy blog 3

  1. Pure Leather Belt from MenAlone

MenAlone - Belt - elsieisy blogCost – N5,500

Contact – WhatsApp no – 08132109091.

  1. M&S 3 in Pack Woven Boxers from MenAlone

BoxersCost – N9,000

Contact – WhatsApp no – 08132109091.

  1. Custom made Contemporary Native wears from TouchebyJOJO

Contact – 08051635168

TouchebyJOJO - elsieisy blog 3 TouchebyJOJO - elsieisy blog 2

  1. Handcrafted Shoes from AnQ-àrá shoes

Call 08059848080 to order; starting from as low as N12,000anqara shoes - elsieisy blog 2 anqara shoes - elsieisy blog

6. Perfume – Pick a scent you love and buy.

perfume for men - elsieisy blog

  1. Shirtsmen shirt - elsieisy blog


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  1. First of all, you are too cute! Second…Oh my goodness! I had no idea that proceeds from Someday go to charity. Definitely putting this on my list of gifts that give back. Thanks,

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