Who are you in competition with?

Who are you in competition with?

Competition in biology and sociology, is a contest between two or more organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc., for territory, a niche, for a location of resources, for resources and goods, for mates, for prestige, for recognition, for awards, for group or social status, or for leadership.

You might want to argue that in life we all compete with one or two things. Especially in the business world we have competitors and rival. We have those we want to be better than and there are those who want to be better than us.

Life is a constant race and for many, they keep up with this race till they take their last breath while some have consciously worked towards cooling off and enjoying life as long as it last.

Healthy competition is necessary but the unhealthy ones will only leave you stagnant and wandering in the shadow of others.

Sincerely ask yourself these questions;

‘Who am I in competition with?’

‘Do they even know I exist?’

‘What do I get from this competition?’

Many of us are in serious competition with people who don’t even know we exist – These people live their lives competing only with the person they were yesterday, thriving to be better than they were yesterday and looking for better ways to innovate what others have done thereby carving out a new market for themselves. While you are busy thinking of how to outshine this person, he/she is at peace and relaxed thereby allowing the brain to work.

Who are you in competition with?

That lady you are trying to dress better than doesn’t even remember you exist when standing in front of her wardrobe. Some live beyond their income to look like someone who doesn’t spend quarter of his/her income to look the way s/he does.

The dude you are trying to bring down is busy creating better business solutions.

The colleague you are eagerly yearning for her position is looking forward to the next big break while offering the best customer service ever.

You started dating Tolu because your friend has a boyfriend and not because you are sure of what you both feel for each other while your friend simply has the real connection.

Whatever we do in life should be done with wisdom applied to it. Even if you must compete, compete where necessary and don’t forget ‘you’ when you do so.

Don’t be too engrossed trying to be someone else thereby pushing the real you and the talent therein below. Find out what works for you and enjoy doing it.

If you must compete, know why and do not let the competition overwhelm you.

Who are you in competition with?

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