Unnecessary Comparisons Nigerians made From Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit

Unnecessary Comparisons Nigerians made From Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit

I was going to use a title like “Stupid Comparisons Nigerians made from Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit but I remembered I had given my life to Christ. Oh! And I was going to share this opinion as a podcast yesterday, for my Thursday weekly podcast but I decided against it. It is easier to maintain my born again status while typing than speaking…emotions can be very tricky you know. #JesusTakeTheWholeCar

Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria and had a good time (yes I can tell) while looking out for more business opportunities (oh yes I can so tell). He met with developers and entrepreneurs in Nigeria, explored a bit of Lagos, Nigeria (as much as a 3days business trip can accommodate) and went back with plenty business ideas (stop wondering please, I know these things).

So what is my problem?

Answer – My fellow Nigerians.

We always leave the important things to focus and trend irrelevant things in life and this time, we enjoyed making unnecessary comparisons. Using Mark Zuckerberg as a pedestal to how others should live their lives. Here are 3 unnecessary comparisons I noticed;

  1. Dressing – Just check out the image below

Unnecessary Comparisons Nigerians made From Mark Zuckerberg’s VisitWhoever came up with that opinion above ehn? I know we have right to our own opinion but we should actually think before typing. Oh yes, you might say whoever is behind that was trying to be sarcastic but forgive me if I fail to see the sarcasm in that stupidity. Common! Why would any sane human being even use the word – #poverty for Baskethmouth?

Baskethmouth is one of the finest talent from Nigeria and Africa, and organises the popular stand-up comedy concert across the globe! Sorry to burst your bubbles, he is not a small fry. We will not all be billionaire, millionaires or even thousandnaires.

That Mark Zuckerberg has decided to wear same colour of pants and T-shirt day in day out does not mean we all should do same. Pick the lessons you can learn from his business and ideas but do not put people down for wanting to look good. They work hard for it.

  1. Food – image below

Unnecessary Comparisons Nigerians made From Mark Zuckerberg’s VisitBecause Mark Zuckerberg ate with his hands, e don turn wahala. Look, I am a huge fan of swallows – semo, wheat and fufu. I do not like eba. And I do justice to them with my hands no matter where I find myself. If I think I am in an environment where I won’t be comfortable enough to eat my swallows with my hands or eating with my hands will make somebody else uncomfortable, then I choose something else.

There are people who do not eat swallows with their hands for different reasons. Some do so because they think its hygienic while others were just brought up that way. Either ways, it’s a matter of choice. Trying out delicacies when you visit a new place and trying to eat how they think is a traditional way of eating such food is not a big deal. its what people do. So calm down Nigerians. Be calm. Just live your life and let people be.

  1. Humility

So for some reasons, humans who only heard the news of Mark Zuckerberg being in Nigeria over the media can detect his humility level o. LOL…I laugh in Greek. My people, be calm. Stop disgracing our flag. Suddenly, we….Don’t get me started biko

So, no, I do not think the 3 comparisons above are necessary or even meaningful. Focus on important things like – What can our politicians do to aide small business owners and online entrepreneurs? Yes we can have our own Zuckerberg, we have talents here but the environment? So help us God!

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  1. LOL…The one that really got me was someone say he introduced himself as ‘just’ Mark…my question is what is he supposed to introduce himself with?…Mark from the New Testament???

    1. Nigerians never fail to “shockprise”If he had done the direct opposite of these things, they’d still have something to say..mssttcchheeww

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