The Expected May Not Be What You Get – Alibaba GCFR

The Expected May Not Be What You Get – Alibaba GCFR - elsieisy blog

The Expected May Not Be What You Get – Alibaba GCFR

As shared on his Instagram page:

Most times in life, the expected may not be what you get. All watermelons are supposed to be red and juicy inside. Every human being has a heart.

The composition of that heart is what you can never tell. You may see a guy, 6 foot plus, has cash, loads of it, great dress sense, articulate and seasoned with a been-to accent, awesome dental arrangements,… and on top of it he is available… then you get drawn in. Expecting all other things to fall into place. Then boom!!!! He turns out to be the meanest son of Akamu. He is selfish. Which explains why he is rich. He cares about himself alone. Which is why he looks after himself. He is available because no one can keep him for long.

This has been the core problem of many young ladies. They get drawn to the money and fefferity. Then years down the line, they realise that the razzmatazz doesn’t matter when he slaps you, starves you of sex, not that it was any good,… then you begin to feel an essential need in the midst of plenty.

And people can not get it. Because every time they look, they see the huge watermelon and like you did, they begin to imagine how juicy it is. A lady friend said she told a 419 guy who wanted to marry her, back in the days, that she didn’t have a womb. That she took it out when she had issues 8 years ago. The guy dodged. A year later the guy married another person. She said she didn’t like him. So she found a way to knock him off. She has 2 kids now. The 419 guy is still childless. Sorry I digressed. My point is, our expectations are based on our values and understanding. However, what you get, especially when you don’t control the values you expect from the other person, may not be what you planned for.

This is important for those NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE people. You either make up your mind to go with the flow or go back to where you are from. Italians say “Uyovbin oya vwo j’okhre“… that is its your destiny that determines the okhre (walnuts) that you choose. You can not tell by looking at it. And who says the small watermelon won’t be sweeter than the big one?

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