A tear for terror


Pow the sound of gunshotsBomb goes off and another life is lostBeautiful eyes forever to be shutAll for a man’s greed, doesn’t matter the costNo love for other peopleThroats slit damn this is evilYet They call it religionBut shouldn’t it be our decisionHouses and properties ransackedHunger killing the baby on the mum’s backgood health and life, ever in lackWith fear thriving and hope lost in the dark.Peace to my father landTired of these killings and the red blooded sandThe earth weeps daily at the handwork of man’s handThis peace seems superficial a grail that can not be foundTerror in our territorysilent noise now audible in the cry of captivityPlanes shot down never before seen in historyBlackened hearts oh God save man from this depravityParis my beautiful ParisYou were a dream home for Mon cheriA nest to nurture the love cordBut will love stand at the face of hate swordyour walls shake with 130 BodiesExtremists killing like it’s their hobbyBataclan littered with French bloodIt’s time we fought back or turn our face to God.By Oju Omamogho

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