Most Important Decision

It has been established that the wisest decision ever is to believe that there is a God and serve him with all the love in your heart. How do you serve God with all the love in your heart? “Whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers of mine you do unto me” Love is all it takes to serve God. Love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others what you want to be done unto you. Do not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to your neighbor in need. Love your neighbor as yourself. OK! My ranting mojo be moving me towards another direction. Lol. Before I move on, have this at the back of your mind, “Any religion that preaches against love, RUN from it!” Except you have decided to be a nun, reverend father or you just don’t want to get married, the most important/biggest decision a man/woman would have to make is choosing a life partner (Your wife/husband).This singular decision will either make, break or restrict you.IMG_20140520_141833(1)Looking at it from a logical point of view, some would say it takes a toll on the woman more than the man. Well yea, but both sides still share from the advantage or disadvantage of this singular decision.Our emotional status reflects directly in our day to day activities and productivity. Very few people have been able to function well when facing emotional difficulties. As a man, you do not want to come back home after a long day of hard work to a woman who doesn’t believe in you talk more of encouraging you neither does she appreciate you. It kills your motivation. It kills the strength to be a better person. You wonder why you are working this hard if your family doesn’t appreciate you. No one should beg to be appreciated. We all need it and we should also give it when necessary. You need a best friend as a wife. Someone you can tell everything to, someone to confide in, someone to brainstorm with. Someone who would hold your hands, look into your eyes and tell you ‘Yes you can do it’. Someone you can put a call to when the work load on your desk begins to choke you. Someone who has those magic words that serves at fuel to your engine. Someone who knows how to stroke your ego, someone who will always point you to the right direction. Someone who will stop you from doing something stupid or illegal which could jeopardize a greater future. Someone who understands the good intentions behind your mistakes. Someone who loves you for everything and nothing.IMG_20140521_085359And for a woman that isn’t planning on being a full time house wife (liability), I would advise you say ‘yes’ to that man that believes in you and your dreams, say ‘yes’ to that man that sees potentials in you, say ‘yes’ to that man that understands your stand in major debates of life issues, say ‘yes’ to that man that doesn’t feel intimidated at the sight of a successful woman. Every woman will want to settle down with a man that can provide her with a secured future, but sit back and look at your kind of person, who you are now and who you would want to be. It’s not all about the Mr. right with a fat bank account, it’s about caring, understanding, love and support. It’s about doing those things that makes you happy even after the smallest handcuff (ring) fits nicely on that finger and you are cooling off in jail (marriage). No matter the angle you view life from, there is someone somewhere out there for you who would understand your angle and love you for who you are. Don’t settle for less because you feel you have clocked the age set by God knows who for marriage. Marriage will be just about you and your spouse. If you are patient enough to work towards finding that special one who isn’t perfect but is ready to make an imperfect paradise with you called home, then you are planning to make the rest of your life the best part of your life. If you have decided to rush into marriage for the sake of being married and fulfilling other people’s expectations of you, then good luck with whatever life dishes out to you but remember you will go through it alone with your spouse. Marriage has changes. When they say change is constant, I think change should be another word for marriage. Marry someone who makes those changes easy to adapt. Marriage is sweet. Marriage is good. Good marriage opens potential doors. It opens doors to new levels of blessing. Just make the right choice and pray. DEAR BROTHER, THINK TWICE BEFORE POPPING THAT QUESTION. DEAR SISTER, THINK TWICE BEFORE LETTING THAT INVISIBLE ONIONS AFFECT YOU WITH THE TEARS AND THEN YOU START SAYING “YES YES YES”. (they don’t say the yes once na, or do they? Lol) Pray and decide! Wish you the best. 

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  1. You know these days the person you are married to is best friend, spouse, partner, psychotherapist, motivator, the list goes on. Never before has it been more important to get it right. The fear is that as much as things change over time, people can change too. Even if you get it right to start with, humans can switch any day. I go just go become monk, the thing tire me :(Catch me on (I fit advertise here abi?)

    1. “Marry someone who makes those changes easy to adapt” you jumped that line. Lol. Don’t let it tire you o. Just stop let the icing on the cake deceive you.

  2. am applying dis in my own relationship, because it is so true. though my own question, is no matter how perfect you try to be(using all the points you gave in the article)for ur partner,as a woman, can men ever really be satisfied?

    1. There would be less problems if ladies would stop seeing themselves as being on a quest to satisfy their men. Why not stop thinking that way,and work on being satisfied yourself. \nStop thinking of the next girl he might be having a fling with and think of those things he does or should do to make you happy. Ofcoz, you have to reciprocate by making him feel safe around you to be able to call you home.

  3. Mehn dis is 1 of d best articles I’ve read in awhile……welldone my darlin!!! Men can’t b satisfied ooo….think all we hav to do is satisfy awaselves!! If u keep tryin to satisfy dem u wld lose urslf in d process nd forget who u reali r! If u get a bestfriend, a partner, a companion nd a true lover in who u r wit den I think u r headin d rite way doesn’t mean its d final busstop!!! Been dere don dat nd 2day we r both happier witout eachoda…..all we jst need is God. Age is nt a determining factor rili….but d earlier d beta also! Thanks my friend 1 of d best!! Wasere!!!!

  4. Good piece ma,My thoughts: Human beings can’t be satisfied, that’s why we keep driving and striving for more. However, satisfaction in marriage is a matter of choice and the heart. Staying true to those vows that nowadays are becoming more of a recital anthem than actual vows.I disagree with some points, like ring(handcuffs) and jail(marriage) lol.I’ve come to know, believe and certain that you get out of it, what you put into it. Once you believe you are in a ‘jail’, then you lose the essentials of what freedom should entail.Marriage gives you a freedom from ‘self’ and brings you into what two become one should be. Living and giving and ultimately ‘dying’ for the other.

  5. This is a very sensitive issue; I mean the issue of marriage. Isn’t it funny that this is the only institution you attend and you are handed the certificate before graduating. But funny enough, you don’t graduate from this School. It is till death do us part kind of adventure. Having said this, I think there is need for us to trust God to help us with the right man/woman, since He is the authour of this institution called Marriage. Also, I think not many of us here are really qualified to teach this topic, because not most of us are married yet. Remember, nobody can give what he/she doesn’t have.

    1. I pray God answers our prayers. Make your findings though, there are marriage counsellors that aren’t married 🙂

  6. …don’t get me wrong! I am not debating who and who should give counsel or not. I am only hoping that we will be able to walk our talk. Quite a number of Nollywood films that talked about morals, yet the cast are not an inch near what they art. It is not a matter that excempt anyone including myself. Time will soon distinguish boys from men and girls from women. When we begin to wear the shoe, we will then know where it pinches. But, God will give us all grace to live by what we preach, either single or married.

  7. Marriage institute very delicate one. Your partner should be your PARTNER really in every aspect of life. Because you wakeup the best day and they are no longer who they used to be does not make it ok to walk away. It’s a decision that should be taken with utmost care and spiritual guidance

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