I stand first with Nigeria before France in this fight against terrorism

I stand first with Nigeria before France in this fight against terrorism
By Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

Just few days ago, an ISIS bomb went off in Lebanon, the news media reported it sparingly and it was done with it. Friday, ISIS attacked again in France and it’s been the only thing in the news, a world wide event and even Facebook made an app for it.

I’ve been seeing profile pictures changing all over Facebook, it’s the flag of France everywhere I turn, yes Facebook believes the lives of those in France is more important than those in Lebanon or Nigeria or Kenya and we all seem to agree with them. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right but it is like we all want things to change but we are not ready to change a thing.

Terrorism as it is today is a crude, crass and undignified fight against imperialism and not a religious stand, religion is only a tool because of its natural capacity to justify violence and for as long as we flagrantly show that the life of a French man is more important than that of a Togolese, the world will continue to fight this unending war and victims will always be the innocent.

I remember how the previous attack in France brought world leaders to her in a solidarity. Thousands had died in Nigeria over the months and none has visited in solidarity, her flag has neither been hoisted on Facebook nor used as a banner on Google’s landing page. The reason is simple and I’m sure you know it, only the lives of the masters matters.

I find it hard to understand our definition of humanity, how we see each other and what values we place on our lives. Although it is silent, slavery is still real and the world cries only when the masters loose a son, but when the others loose a family, it’s just another loss.

Until the day we all become free of our slave mentality both slaves and masters, their will always be a soul searching fight for freedom and it’s scary because the world might never be free from it.

For those rocking the flag of France on their profiles, I salute your fight against terror and your inability to decipher that your action is borne out of your slave mentality and not your knack for trends or true solidarity with France especially if you’re not French at all. It’s cool to stand with France but hey, I’m standing against Boko Haram first.

I think Nigeria is where I am and my gift must start from here. I stand with the world in the fight against terrorism, I stand with Nigeria in her struggle to survive.

Written by Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

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  1. Nuff said Abidemi..Cool write up …Social media in 9ja has been making me ill for some days now…U did good here boss…SpiritMan Speaks …

  2. Hi AbidemiIt is sad but so true. I am wondering what the definition of humanity really is. I guess that is why we have not been able to tackle terrorism head on because we are not united.Thanks for a lovely piece. Take Care

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