To the darkest night by Adediran Olusade

To the darkest night 
In my heart, 
Write I to fall into the ditch
Not always out of reach.
The night in my heart 
To be lightened by no small light. 
The dark night within the clothes
Battering those thoughts,
Till they pick the flesh to bleed
Sucking the dark, thick blood
It's a moment that can't be told.
The Day on its motion 
Sweeps away the portion
of the darkened rotten ration 
Suppressed in stark oppression.
The cries played the routine 
The prayers scoop the silence 
Into becoming some chirping 
In the night of great incense 
Sacrificed to the night,
the darkest hours of the heart. 
Hidden in the circle 
From the torture of the subtle 
To the nocturnal fighting
Where nothing is forming 
But the windy creepy raging
Of the darkened hour of the night

About the Poet

Adediran Olusade is a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She loves writing, especially writing poems. Currently, she resides in Oyo town.

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