In France, you can fish for peaches and it becomes confusing

because peaches and fishing are the same thing. Also: Joe Peche

or Pesci, is the same thing as peaches and fishing and original sin.


A steak is not a peach nor is it fishing but it is a sign of

weakness, as it is in the USA. To go under the peach

means  you are in deep water. To guard the peach

means you care for fish and also to care for Joe Peche/


Pesci. To own a can of peaches means you employ

a fishing rod. Although you don’t have to own it –

you can rent it. To guard the peach? It is what you

might think. The best though, is peach melba:


It means, simply, peach melba. Better still,

if there is better than best: a peach is an apricot,

only yellow, in New Jersey.

by Ricky Garni

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