How to Handle Workplace Bullying

There are a lot of bullies out there in the workplace. Bullies intimidate and berate their victims. They talk them down to make them feel bad. So, they could have the best of them and weaken them emotionally. Most bullies yell at their unsuspecting victims. Bullying can cause a lot of health-related issues, like heart attack, headache, etc. Those that bully employ shouting, confrontations, and abuses on their victims. They sometimes engage in it out of jealousy when their rivals perform better than them in the workplace. So, there is a possibility that your bully is envious or plain evil.

Here are tips for managing workplace bullying:

Don’t be overly emotional

Bullies target their victims emotionally. They are mostly a pain in their ass and want to make you an emotional wreck. If you can, stop being overly emotional and try to handle it calmly. When they notice how it seems their bullying hardly get to you, they might become frustrated and give up.

Stop self-blaming

When you are being bullied, don’t ever think you are the problem. This is about the bully’s esteem. They are projecting their incompetence on you. Don’t ever feel intimidated. Blaming yourself could be detrimental to you, especially mentally. It is not your fault that someone decides to bully you.

Continue working hard

A workplace bully probably wants you to be too frustrated to work. When you continue working hard amidst the bullying, the bully might feel that they are wasting their time on you. After their several attempts at bringing you down, they may back off and rather learn from you. Take control, and continue working hard.

Have close contact with other co-workers

Having close contact with other co-workers is good as they can step in to defend you. However, if every other person doesn’t like you, you will appear as the problem no matter what you may try to do. As long as the bully doesn’t have control over other co-workers, their power over you would always be minimal.

Be assertive 

When you are being bullied, write everything down. If there is a need, find a way to record conversations while getting bullied. When you are fed up with the constant bullying, you can take the matter to human resources management.

Stay healthy 

The bully should not have full control over your life. Don’t ever allow it to weigh you down. Worrying so much about them is putting yourself through stress. Take control. Work hard to ease the bullying of your mind. Eat healthily, sleep well, and have fun with family, friends, and lovers. 

Seek help

You need every help you can get. Read books about overcoming bullies. Reach out to those who can likely help you. You may visit a counsellor or legal adviser. They can help you greatly in fighting the bully. Getting counselled will probably help you in overcoming stress and having a calm state of mind. If you think you need any form of help, don’t waste time when it comes to seeking help.

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