Broken Pot

broken pot

Don’t stop she moaned deliciously against my ears

Her voice rippled in me like dancing crystals

She pleads gently with her swollen eyes

I stare deep couldn’t hold back

  I held her against the cold wallsHer beats fast like a rocking bandI see the fluttering of her bosomThe bite marks rise and fall with each rapid breathe  

She spread eagled across my pallet

Take me I am yours she says

I see the opening of her honeyed petals

Cigar burns across her maiden thighs

  Hold me don’t let go she saidSave me from his constant torture she criedMy husband is a beast she whimperedLove me till I forget him.  

Slowly I took her

In unison we screamed of a lasting crescendo

Like a baby did she sleep.

As I starred at the woman my wife….

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